Which Bathroom Mirror Supplier with a High Reputation?

It is especially important to choose a reliable product supplier, as the quality of the product directly affects the end customer's evaluation of the brand. A manufacturer who can guarantee high product quality and good communication skills is an important factor for brands in screening suppliers.
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China is the world’s factory and the world’s foundry for major global brands. For decades Made in China has paved the entire planet and brought various conveniences and benefits to the world’s life. For brand owners as well as new generation brands, it is especially important to choose a reliable product supplier, the good or bad of the product directly affects the end customer’s evaluation of the brand. A manufacturer that can guarantee high product quality and good communication skills is an important factor for brand owners when screening suppliers.

As a leader in the manufacturing of led mirrors, led bathroom mirrors and led mirror cabinets, MSL has been successfully supplying custom led mirrors and led mirror cabinets to large and small brands for over 15 years with its extensive expertise and technology.

With cutting-edge craftsmanship, meticulous and conscientious approach, MSL’s products cover the world, thanks to MSL’s factory and sales office in Foshan, China, where a full-fledged led mirror manufacturing industrial park has been established. MSL is passionate about its business and continues to push the limits of its expertise to provide quality, innovative and environmentally friendly product solutions to many brands.

Established in 2007, MSL Mirror has 15 years of experience in manufacturing, designing and selling bathroom mirrors. With 200 employees and 8 production lines, the factory covers an area of over 8,000 square meters of workshop. We specialize in manufacturing and wholesaling LED mirrors, backlit mirrors, LED bathroom mirrors, Led vanity mirrors and smart mirror cabinets.

MSL has strong R&D, design and production capabilities and provides OEM and ODM services for importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Various modern and fashionable Led mirrors are constantly updated in design and technology with the latest trends and functions, turning your bathroom and living room into a more practical and user-friendly space for you to fully appreciate relaxation after a stressful day.

Combining the latest LED lighting technology, floating mirror technology, Bluetooth, somatosensory, intelligent voice, automatic defogging, anti-mold, explosion-proof, touch and other technologies, we apply the latest technology to the mirror, a traditional item, to provide the ultimate user experience rather than the single function of an ordinary wall sconce.

The main markets for MSL mirrors are Asia, Europe and North America. MSL rigorously tests all functions of the mirrors to ensure that the products comply with CE, UL, SAA, ROHS, IP44, ETL and other certifications to ensure that all mirrors have the highest level of energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

As we mentioned before, choosing a reliable and suitable manufacturing supplier is not an easy task, it’s about supplier strength, product quality, communication, financial security, credit and commitment. But you can have complete confidence in MSL’s ability to answer all your questions. There are many styles and types of bathroom mirrors, so if you want to customize your bathroom mirror, please contact us and get a quote.


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