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We at MSL mirror are manufacturing professionals, that’s why we have a department dedicated to quality control to guarantee the quality of the products we offer. Our quality control and manufacturing departments work together at every stage and process, including cutting, assembly, inspection and packaging – together they ensure the quality of the final product.

Quality is the soul of our product, and MSL mirror pays excellent attention to our products (according to QA standards under ISO9001), from the development process to the pilot run and the mass production.
1. Incoming raw material inspection
2. Integrating sphere (test LED‘s Color Rendering Index and Lumens )
3. Aging testing (LED, LED Driver, Touch button)
4. Salt spray testing for coating compositions and anodizing materials
5. High or low surrounding temperature test(Test the reliability of power supply)
6. IP rating test(Simulated using environment)
7. Pull test
8. Load test
9. Drop test (during packing design)
10. SOP, IPQC, FQC to control production line SOP,IPQC,FQC

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Quality assurance is a team effort

Producing high-quality LED mirrors is a team effort that requires the support of line operators, quality inspectors, and manufacturing/packaging managers. Our inspection technology provides accurate data readings, backed by the keen perception of our inspectors, allowing us to faithfully meet your requirements.

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