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The modern bathroom is no longer just a drab place to store the essentials. Today, bathrooms and toilets are private spaces where people like to spend more time. The center or key accessory of any bathroom is the mirror. The stylish and practical bathroom mirror makes the bathroom look more upscale and no longer dull, which greatly enhances the overall atmosphere of the bathroom and the atmosphere of the space.
If you are an interior designer, developer, architect, professional contractor or hospitality company hosting or sourcing for large events or corporate occasions and are interested in buying mirrors in bulk, please contact us for a custom quote.

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MSL is one of the top manufacturers of Led bathroom mirrors in China. We have been custom producing high quality and certified led bathroom mirrors for small and large companies. We customize bathroom mirrors of different shapes, sizes and functions, packaging round bathroom mirrors, square bathroom mirrors, rectangular bathroom mirrors, oval bathroom mirrors, various special-shaped bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets.

The bathroom mirror can be customized with adjustable color temperature, touch switch, anti-fog, bluetooth, weather, time, magnifying glass and other functions. If you have other special requirements for bathroom mirrors, you can also contact our designers, and we will try our best to meet your requirements.

MSL is a well-known LED mirror manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. We have been working with companies of different sizes who are looking for high taste, high quality led mirrors.We provide customized led full-length mirrors in various styles, such as rectangular full-length mirrors, Hollywood full-length mirrors, and special-shaped full-length mirrors that customers often purchase.

Customize led full length mirrors in bulk from us and watch your profits grow. Our high-grade aluminium and eco-friendly mirrors are combined with modern mirror manufacturing equipment and methods​ to ensure that all products are safe to use and perfectly fit your requirements. Widely used in bedrooms, hotels, clothing fitting rooms, hair salons and various decorative purposes. Contact us today and bring more value to your brand.

led mirror manufacturer,medicine cabinet supplier,mirror cabinet supplier
led mirror manufacturer,medicine cabinet supplier,mirror cabinet supplier

Everyone wants to look good, actually a lighted vanity/makeup mirror is a very important product to meet their needs. We can’t always do our makeup in natural light, so we need a lighted vanity/makeup mirror. The lighted vanity mirror has a better view and perfect lighting for the makeup look. Such as applying lipstick, drawing the perfect eyeliner, wearing contact lenses, shaving, etc.

With these mirrors, you can easily identify areas of your face that need more attention. Even in very dim or no light places, you can adjust the brightness of the mirror to help you apply your makeup perfectly. This product is often used in bedrooms and powder rooms.

Sometimes, the bathroom mirror isn’t the only choice for a space. If you’ve got a small bathroom or lack storage space to put away toiletries and other bathroom essentials, a mirrored cabinet is the product you need to meet those functional requirements. Its design typically consists of a mirrored front over the door of the cabinet, and shelves inside with, perhaps, pockets and holders on the inner side of the door to accommodate toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, etc. Other designs may include additional external features such as a protruding shelf below or adjacent storage in the form of open shelving.

Regardless of what type of medicine cabinet you are interested in, one of the most important things to look for in your mirrored cabinet is quality. At MSL Mirrors, we guarantee all-round quality products specifically treated to withstand these elements, thus leaving you with a beautiful, functional bathroom mirrored cabinet for years to come.

led mirror manufacturer,medicine cabinet supplier,mirror cabinet supplier

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