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People's demand for shape and size of mirror cabinets is getting more and more diversified, and the shape demand for mirror cabinets will be different in different scenarios. Factories that support shape and size customization are very rare, but MSL can meet whatever the demand is.
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The mirror is essential for our daily life, daily grooming occupies a large part of our life. In 2022 China Wuhan International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, many novel combinations of mirror cabinets are very eye-catching, causing a wide range of consumer attention, the advantages and disadvantages of the mirror cabinet directly affect the customer’s choice. Let’s take a look at each core competitive point of MSL mirror, the ideal mirror cabinet custom merchant.

1. Customizable, turning the ideal mirror into a real product.

Nowadays, people’s demand for the shape and size of mirror cabinets is becoming more and more diversified. In different scenes the shape of the mirror cabinet demand will be different, support the shape and size of the custom factory is very rare. The demand for bathroom mirror cabinets is simple and strong storage capacity; the demand for mirror cabinets in coffee shops and other places with high ambiance requirements is elegant shape and simple and generous; the demand for bedroom mirror cabinets is more personalized and mostly customized by the owner’s subjective preference. Different people for the size of the storage cabinet are different, customization of a major benefit is to meet the needs of people for different storage. For example, the bathroom mirror cabinet can be opened head-on to get cleanser, skin care products, and other daily necessities, very convenient, the size of this storage bathroom mirror cabinet can be customized according to the actual situation, and MSL accepts various shapes of customization, and the use of novel waterproof high-quality durable materials, easy to clean and not easy to damage. 

2. A variety of functions. Meet the needs of all kinds of situations on the mirror cabinet.

On the cleaning aspect, the bathroom mirror is a major drawback is easy to leave stains and watermarks, but also easy in the shower when the vapor becomes blurred, our mirror in the shower is virtually useless. At this time, the mirror needs to have an automatic defogging function, through the mirror heating technology can make the water mist automatically converge into water droplets left, the stain is also softened, and easy to wipe clean. Cleaning is not easy to have stubborn stains linger, the installation of the mirror cabinet can also avoid the back of the mirror from having a sanitary dead space, in the cleaning convenience is the top choice. No water mist in the shower also does not prevent people from enjoying their good figures. For the mirror cabinet function, remote control can be operated by Bluetooth and touch screen, multiple ways to adapt to different situations, the touch screen is more convenient when the hands are not convenient to use the phone, such as we are cleaning or bathing and other unclean hands, press the heating and defogging can easily make the mirror clean and bright again.

With regard to the surrounding environmental conditions, the light cabinet can be opened in a dim environment with its own light function, but also to adjust the warm and cold colors, in the realization of the mirror function can also be achieved in the makeup simulation of natural light, simulating the effect of makeup when going out.

In addition to lighting MSL’s mirror cabinet mirror can also choose different modes, such as illuminated mirror and backlit mirror, to meet the needs of people in different scenes.

3. Global service scope and top quality in the industry.

MSL is the top bathroom mirror cabinet manufacturer in the industry, with global cooperation projects and cooperation with the mirror cabinet industry in many countries. Amazon, Walmart and other global online stores can be customized to buy. Long-term service to global customers, quality reputation in the industry’s top, and customer reviews on the official website of the evaluation area is clearly visible.

4. Excellent after-sales service

MSL is the industry’s top bathroom mirror cabinet manufacturer, the cooperation project globalization, and many countries have cooperation with the mirror cabinet industry.

MSL can realize online customization, offline installation, and have different after-sales service packages, customers can choose according to their own needs in a flexible manner. 

Choose the right type and style of led mirror cabinets according to your needs, then contact MSL for a quote.


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