How Led Mirror Are Made

The factory is located in the development area of Foshan, China, and produces more than 2000 led mirrors per day. Based on a modern production workshop and an experienced technical team, our led mirrors are produced for bathroom renovations, hotels, salons, and cosmetic industries. The manufacture of Led mirrors involves multiple stages. They cover mirror cutting, edging, engraving, polishing, cleaning, assembly and final packaging of the finished product.


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How to Make Led Mirror Step by Step

#1 Cuting

The glass lens is silver-plated on the back or plated with other environmentally friendly materials and then shipped to the factory for spare use. We need to cut the mirror according to the size customized by the customer’s order. MSL adopts the latest lens material – environmental protection mirror, and the back metal is environmentally friendly material, which has high definition, strong corrosion resistance, high stability, and is not easy to black edge.

01 cuting

#2 Edge Grinding

After the mirror is cut, it needs to be edged. We use imported CNC edging machine, which has high precision and fast efficiency, and can accurately grind lenses of different sizes and thicknesses. The edged lenses are smooth and high-end.

02 edge grinding

#3 Engraved

In addition to the necessary touch switches, different customers will customize different functions, we need to engrave the logo and function buttons on the mirror surface. Commonly used functions are demister, Bluetooth, clock, date, and weather. If we need the magnifying function, we need to chemically process the magnified area.

03 engraved

#4 Polishing and Cleaning

After all the processes on the mirror are completed, we need to finish polishing and cleaning the mirror to make the mirror surface smooth. After cleaning, the mirror will be covered with a protective film for the next production process.

04 polishing

#5 Assembling

Assembly is the most tedious part of the production process. MSL adopts aluminum profile frame, metal sprayed back box, 12V LED light strip, waterproof power supply, PET anti-fog film and other electronic components. MSL also has an electronic component production factory and R&D department, which can be customized according to customer needs.

05 assembling

#6 Finished Products

After assembly, the individual products have been produced. The led mirror has extremely high requirements on packaging, so MSL will first use a U-shaped foam bag to cover it, then use a soft and safe pearl cotton material instead of foam board for placement, and finally use a 5-layer carton for packaging. Use a wooden frame to stabilize the finished product during transport.

06 finished products 1

Professional Led Mirror Manufacturers From China

At MSL, we have over 15 years of professional experience in making Led mirrors. We ensure that every process is done to the highest possible standards for our client’s satisfaction.

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