The 49th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair Ended Successfully

In 2022, China's foreign trade situation has ushered in unprecedented opportunities and challenges, and the national policy emphasizes the need to expand a high level of openness, and China's foreign trade economy is on a straight upward trend, soaring all the way.
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In 2022, China’s foreign trade situation has ushered in unprecedented opportunities and challenges, and the national policy emphasizes the need to expand a high level of openness, and China’s foreign trade economy is on a straight upward trend, soaring all the way. It has been held every year at Pazhou in Guangzhou and Hongqiao in Shanghai, which has greatly boosted the economic development of the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions and strengthened the links between global trade.

Brands gather at the venue

The 49th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair opened in July 2022 at the Canton Fair Complex, bringing together 2,500 well-known brands from home and abroad. It attracted dealers and buyers from all over the world to visit. Not only was the quality of the exhibition enhanced, but it also brought innovation to the home furnishing industry.

China’s foreign trade position remains strong

Throughout the venue, the arrival of many domestic and international dealers and buyers indicated that China’s foreign trade will continue to maintain a strong growth trend, which inevitably provides strong support for the world’s economic development. This year’s Furniture Fair responded to the national foreign trade policy and the strong recovery of foreign trade in 2022, with the theme of “innovation leading, internal and external cooperation, looking to the future”, taking this high-quality exhibition platform with global radiation to inject vitality into the global home furnishing industry, create more business opportunities for enterprises and drive the furniture market and even the development of various The theme of the exhibition is “innovation leads, internal and external cooperation, looking to the future”.

China’s policy to support the foreign trade industry

China’s recently released “General Office of the State Council on good cross-cycle adjustment to further stabilize foreign trade opinions” requires all parts of the country to establish a sound policy to aid foreign trade and vigorously promote the development of the foreign trade economy, the development of China’s foreign trade enterprises has a promotional role in the future economic development, the national policy to support foreign trade enterprises will continue to strengthen.

MSL is the industry leader in led smart mirrors

At this year’s Furniture Fair, novel multifunctional home product companies drew a strong degree of attention.

Chinese brand MSL, the industry leader in led mirrors, led bathroom mirrors and led mirror cabinets, has a cutting-edge manufacturing process and sells products all over the country, and is a strong middle exporter of LED mirrors in China, with annual orders of over 10 million. In terms of business philosophy, it is even challenging expertise with a full of positive and innovative attitude to research for higher quality and environmentally friendly intelligent products. After fifteen years of drilling, MSL has become the best cost-effective high-end led mirror customizer for many wholesalers and brand owners in 2022 and has reached important cooperation with several countries in Europe, Southeast Asia and America after that exhibition.

MSL led mirrors made a splash at the 49th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair, where MSL’s led mirrors have revolutionized the concept of traditional mirror design to meet the needs of the market, opening up the “era of led multifunctional mirrors”! They have provided the best products for homes, hotels, beauty salons, shopping malls and more around the world!

MSL takes the customer’s idea from an abstract concept to a tangible product, giving the distributor the simplest and most satisfying supply chain. In addition to this, MSL is committed to creating high-quality products, the industry is exported overseas and exports are stable, the annual export volume of 10 million orders is proof of MSL’s hardcore strength! In the future, the brand will focus more on the improvement of quality, welcome the good foreign trade trend, stable foreign trade policy, will further expand the foreign trade export sales channels, and promote the development and growth of the global economy!

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