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With the popularity of smart homes, a wide variety of led smart mirrors have come into being. But how to choose the right led smart mirror can be a headache when it comes to home improvement.
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As a manufacturer of smart mirrors, MSL‘s mission is to provide our customers with high quality products. We have a professional answer to the question of which led smart mirror is more suitable for home decoration.

1. LED full length mirror

People like to have led full length mirror in their bedrooms to make it easier for them to do their daily outfits and makeup. MSL full body mirrors are available in different lighting options and frame options. High-grade aluminum frames, environmentally friendly mirrors and superb production techniques make each full body mirror produced by MSL perfect. Simple in design and light in style, it is a great piece of furniture for decorating the bedroom. MSL’s full body mirror has an anti-fog and defogging function, and the led light is dimmable in warm, natural and cool colors to allow the user to dress in different light conditions. Meanwhile, the clock and temperature display module below the full body mirror screen, as well as the Bluetooth speaker, make it easy to prepare for travel and keep the user mentally and physically happy.

2. LED Smart Makeup Mirror

LED make-up mirror for dressing tables, which comes with a soft light to show off your beauty! By adding an intelligent element, the smart make-up mirror allows the make-up mirror to adjust the intensity of the fill light according to the needs of the person applying the make-up. It also has a magnification function that partially expands to see every detail of the face, allowing the user to see changes in the cosmetics or skincare products used in the room, making make-up easy and make-up sophisticated. It is also worth mentioning that the MSL LED make-up mirror has a detection function to give the user make-up advice.

3. LED Smart Bathroom Mirror

MSL is one of the leading manufacturers of Led bathroom mirrors in China, specialising in customizing bathroom mirrors of different shapes, sizes and functions. The shapes include round bathroom mirrors, square bathroom mirrors, rectangular bathroom mirrors, oval bathroom mirrors, various irregular shaped bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets, etc. The functions include colour temperature adjustment, touch switch, anti-fog, Bluetooth, weather, time, magnifying mirror, etc. The various shapes of the MSL LED smart bathroom mirrors perfectly suit the different decoration styles of new houses, meeting the modern demand for artistry and style as well as personalisation. The anti-fog function eliminates the need to take a shower in winter; the Bluetooth function satisfies the need to listen to music, phone calls and books; the colour temperature adjustment function creates a sense of atmosphere. The human touch switch and the mirror touch switch open all functions.

The intelligent mirror is made of aluminium alloy profile structure which is waterproof, anti-corrosion, good mould removal and durable security. Our design team absorbs various insights from contemporary trendy designs to produce stylish, trendy led mirrors. In addition, through our technical and industry teams with extensive expertise, the led mirror design and development team has also conducted over 15 years of electrical industry research to provide a one-stop led mirror customisation service. If you have other needs, our designers will customise other designs and do their best to meet your requirements.

MSL is a well-known LED mirror manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China, with globalised cooperation projects and many countries with mirror cabinet industry. MSL realises online customisation and offline installation with different after-sales service packages, so customers can choose flexibly according to their needs. If you are interested in purchasing bulk mirrors, please contact us to get a quote.


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