The Impact of China’s Aluminum Price on The Smart LED Mirror

The development of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing technology have made aluminum widely used in various fields of products, and the market demand for aluminum has reached its peak in recent years.
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By 2021, the price of aluminum in China is heading for an overall trend of growth, and China’s aluminum market is facing a situation of oversupply, with market prices tumbling, and the development of the aluminum industry has ushered in a huge challenge. The development of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing technology have made aluminum widely used in various fields of products, and the market demand for aluminum has reached its peak in recent years. For the future, it still shows the trend of rapid growth.

1. Summer drought, aluminum mass production reduction

In recent years, China has practiced the concept of the environmental protection development industry, in order to reduce the total emission of carbon dioxide, and vigorously promote the construction of hydroelectric power generation projects. The aluminum refining industry needs to consume a large amount of electricity, and hydroelectric power generation for aluminum refining is a typical demonstration of China’s environmental protection industry. In recent years, climate alarm bells have been ringing, Yunnan, Guizhou and other major hydropower provinces have suffered an unprecedented dry season, and the power supply situation is much worse than the same period in history. Things are precious, China is a large country of aluminum material consumption, which will certainly lead to aluminum prices rising in the long term. For the enterprises related to aluminum, it is also a major test.

2. The expansion of aluminum application coverage

With the continuous development of China’s science and technology field, the use rate of aluminum in aerospace and aviation, transportation, machinery and equipment, and other industries continues to improve. In addition, aluminum profiles have also entered the home industry. Adhering to the concept of environmental protection and minimalism, the application of aluminum in the production of furniture has formed another major mainstream, which in turn has promoted the development of the aluminum profile market. For example, MSL’s led bathroom mirror is made of full aluminum alloy type material, acid-proof, and corrosion-resistant. MSL’s choice of high material to design the led mirror with good resistance and long service life has had a great impact on the development of the furniture industry.

The use of aluminum profiles to make furniture, both beautiful and practical, is now on the market more and more aluminum furniture, the demand for aluminum is growing, China’s aluminum market has long been in a state of tight supply and demand, and aluminum prices rise, resulting in the home furnishing industry for the use of aluminum profile material cost increases, compared to the traditional solid wood furniture, aluminum furniture production costs are higher, under the influence of this, the selling price will also have up.

3. Epidemic prevention and control limit aluminum production capacity

Since 2020, China has begun a full-scale confrontation with the new coronavirus. During the epidemic, China’s electrolytic aluminum of the main production areas also implemented the prevention and control upgrade, thus limiting the local production capacity, with aluminum in the furniture market, new energy and aviation materials in a wide range of applications, the demand for aluminum appeared overload growth, two months of the increase of more than 20%.

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MSL, as a strong output of high-quality products in the furniture market, provides consumers with cost-effective home furnishing products, which is the brand concept that MSL has been adhering to!

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