Application of Smart Led Mirror in Hair Salon?

Since the 21st century, the hair salon industry has entered a period of rapid development as consumer attitudes change and people continue to raise their expectations of beauty. At the same time, the salon hair smart led mirror has been created to bring a more high-end service and experience to the hairdressing industry.
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This is a brand new period where businesses are not only working on shop decoration, technology and service, but also on the emergence of many amazing smart devices, such as the smart mirror recently launched by MSL, a novel smart mirror that is one of the major trends of the future.

The smart mirror helps customers choose their hairstyle.

It is a very smart mirror that reflects the user’s real face, but it can also recommend hairstyles based on the consumer’s preferences and face shape, and offers a wide range of hair colour simulations so that the user can freely choose the hairstyle they want and communicate with the hairdresser to make changes to the hair colour or fringes according to their needs. The hairdresser can also make changes to the hair colour or bangs. What’s more, customers can also click on the try-on function, so they can see directly through the mirror how they will look after the haircut and know in advance if they are satisfied with the result. This feature not only greatly improves the efficiency of the barber’s work, but also greatly increases customer satisfaction.

Smart mirror for customer entertainment

If you are a regular visitor to a barber or hairdresser, you will know that queuing is a common and torturous experience. The msl Smart Mirror helps customers to pass the time by acting as a giant mobile phone on which you can play your favourite games, watch your favourite TV or variety show, or if you prefer to keep quiet, you can close your eyes and listen to music. In short, with the presence of the Smart Mirror, it is difficult for users to get bored. It is also worth mentioning that the smart mirror allows for real-time news updates and daily weather reports, so that we can always be aware of the weather outside and organise our time wisely. The Smart Mirror is a great way to meet the needs of customers and make them feel happy.

The smart mirror is an “encyclopaedia”

The smart mirror also provides advice on hair care according to the client’s hair type, and on the smart mirror the client can learn more about hair care so that they can take better care of their hair. The Smart Mirror is like an encyclopaedia exclusive to the hair salon industry. It is also worth mentioning that the smart mirror with testing function can also give consumers some very practical make-up advice when trying out some cosmetics or skincare products in the shop.

MSL Smart Mirror, as the brand with the richest and most diverse functions among smart mirrors in China, not only facilitates the public in the hair salon industry, but also brings a lot of convenience to people’s daily life. MSL Smart Mirror brand takes people’s daily life as its inspiration to create a series of smart mirrors that meet the actual life, while ensuring the diversity of smart mirror varieties, it can also guarantee the quality of smart mirrors, all of which can be seen from MSL MSL smart mirrors are designed to make people’s lives easier, save them time and bring them the highest enjoyment at the lowest price.


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