What is the Difference Between Home Bathroom Mirrors and Hotel Bathroom Mirrors?

Nowadays the quality of our lives is increasing and bathroom mirrors are becoming an essential part of our daily lives. As the name implies, bathroom mirrors are mirrors placed inside the bathroom, whether at home or in the hotel are essential.
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1. Appearance

The hotel is to provide people with a place to rest, is used to serve the customer. The hotel bathroom mirror is of course also let the guests use the comfort of the main, so the hotel bathroom mirror will look bigger than the home, large bathroom mirror will give people a very comfortable feeling, seems particularly high-end atmosphere upscale. Hotel mirrors will be more smooth, because the hotel bathroom is generally a relatively soft yellow light, mirror surface smooth can reflect, so that the whole hotel bathroom more bright, thus appear more quality.

Bathroom mirrors for home use are not as demanding as those used in hotels, and are relatively ordinary in every respect. The shape of the bathroom mirror for domestic use is based on the comfort of the occupant’s perception to decide, the customer for the shape of the bathroom mirror custom demand is also more diverse, there are square, oval, irregular graphics, etc..

2. Function

Home bathroom mirrors are clearer at a distance, but if you look closely at them, you will find that some mirrors will be somewhat distorted. The hotel bathroom mirror is more sophisticated, the hotel in order to bring good service to customers, more diverse functions more high-tech.

a. Anti-fog. Hotel bathroom mirrors have an outer layer of film to prevent the mirror from blurring. This is because the heat from the bathroom after a shower can cause a layer of fog on the mirror. When customers come out of the shower to wash up, they will not see a clean mirror, which will greatly affect their living mood. When you go to the mirror after taking a shower at home, the surface of the bathroom mirror is a layer of fog, even if you take a paper towel to dry it, there are still a lot of water droplets remaining, which really affects the occupants’ pleasant mood after taking a shower to a great extent.

b. Dimmable. The purpose of the hotel is to make guests happy, if when the guests in the mirror to see the mirror is not very good, will affect the mood of customers, the hotel’s bathroom mirror must be necessary dimmable function, so that in the light of the reflection, it will make customers feel good about themselves, customers see beautiful handsome themselves, the mood will naturally be more comfortable. For example, when I stayed in a hotel, I woke up early in the morning to see my flawless self in the special bathroom mirror, and my mood immediately became a lot better.

c. Fingerprint resistant. All hotel bathroom mirrors are fingerprint resistant, which makes it easier to clean the mirror. This is something I discovered by accident. If you don’t wipe the mirror at home for a long time, there will be a lot of water drops and fingerprints on the surface, which will make the whole mirror look very dirty. However, hotel mirrors are significantly more resistant to fingerprints than their home counterparts.

Whether in hotels or at home, bathroom mirrors are a tool for us to freshen up, we hope you will all feel good when you look in the mirror. For more information on bathroom mirrors, please contact us and get a quote.


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