What’s the Difference Between Led Smart Mirrors and Ordinary Mirrors?

In recent years, home intelligence is about to become the mainstream of the times, and the traditional home industry is gradually moving closer to the intelligent industry. Among them, the mirrors that we often use in life have also been greatly innovated to facilitate daily life. However, before using intelligent mirrors, do you have questions: what is the difference between intelligent mirrors and ordinary glass mirrors? After reading the following content, your doubts will be solved.
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1. Smart mirrors have powerful functions

Mirror is an essential household item in daily life, the use of many places, such as bathrooms, home decor, salon, makeup, etc., the major manufacturers are bound to put more energy into the development and innovation of this product. Such as led makeup mirror, can restore 98% of daylight, with cold light, warm light and natural light three different light effects, accurate color fidelity, help people to create a natural makeup sense. In addition, led smart mirror also has anti-fog, dimming, Bluetooth, time, weather forecast and other functions, such as a led bathroom mirror of MSL a touch button can open led light lighting, defogging and weather forecast and other three functions.

Smart mirrors are no longer limited to traditional mirror making technology and design, today’s smart mirrors customize all designs and needs for customers. The border has different shapes, styles and designs, the mirror changes the traditional silver mirror material in the past, made of environmentally friendly lenses, with super corrosion resistance. The mirror’s intelligent control function is dustproof and waterproof, ensuring maximum user safety.

2. Smart mirrors add color to the decoration

The technology of smart home gradually penetrate into daily life, bringing excellent experience to people’s life. One of the very best products in the smart home is the led smart mirror. The mirror is an essential household product in people’s daily lives, but the led smart mirror is a world away from ordinary mirrors. led smart mirror, which has the basic mirror function at the same time is also a reliable intelligent assistant in your life.

Ordinary mirrors only reflect the original light of the surrounding environment, the effect of good or bad depending on the surrounding environment, the visual effect has instability. led smart mirror has a high-definition mirror, with a strong sense of space extension. As MSL perennial best-seller a led bathroom mirror, it is completely different from ordinary bath mirror, in size and style can be customized at the same time, but also has a lot of technology and features. MSL exclusive research and development of intelligent magic mirror, can assist your dressing with and makeup advice, broadcast today’s current affairs news, and weather to give advice to go out, can do part of the function of intelligent robot. In the fast-paced era, to facilitate your life and improve efficiency. When you return home from a day of work to rest or shower room, play a song on demand to relax your tired body.

3. MSL-15 years smart mirror supplier

MSL has been deeply involved in the design and development of smart mirrors for years and has become a leader in the led smart mirror industry. As the manufacturer of the best custom led smart mirror, MSL provides customers with a full range of customized services to create high quality led smart mirrors, dedicated to improving people’s quality of life. smart mirrors designed by MSL have had a huge impact on the entire home industry, allowing a broader space for development in the era of smart home. For more information about smart mirror products and messages, please contact us and get a quote.


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