What is the Process of Customizing a Smart Led Mirror?

A smart mirror needs to go through a number of steps such as inquiry, size and shape determination, function determination, design, and prototyping before it can be fully manufactured.
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With the advent of technology, smart mirrors have emerged, more commonly known as vanity mirrors, and some of the more functional fitness mirrors. Because of the variety of functions within a smart mirror, there are many different methods and processes involved in the manufacture of a smart mirror. A smart mirror needs to go through a number of steps such as inquiry, size and shape determination, function determination, design, and prototyping before it can be fully manufactured. This is because the smart mirror and the ordinary mirror compared to the mirror, smart mirror surface can also be through the touch screen or other sensing way to allow the user of the smart mirror to adjust certain functions.

So as the most y representative LED smart mirror manufacturer in China MSL’s smart mirror how to customize it?

1. Enquiries


Before starting the customization process, the customer needs to make an inquiry, that is to say, before buying or selling a product, the customer needs to ask both sides about the transaction, test the sincerity of the other party, and understand each other roughly and consider whether to cooperate in a process.

2. Custom sizes


Once the terms of the deal have been understood, it is time to start negotiating the size. The customer needs to tell MSL the size of the mirror they require, which is the key to customizing the mirror, as the size will to a certain extent limit the functionality of the mirror later.

3. Customised shape


After confirming the size of the mirror, the shape of the mirror, such as rectangular, square, round, or other irregular shapes, also needs to be discussed and confirmed by both parties.

4. Customised functions


After confirming the various shapes and sizes of the exterior of the smart mirror, it is time to customize the internal features of the mirror. The biggest difference between a smart mirror and an ordinary mirror is that an ordinary mirror only serves the purpose of looking at a mirror, while an MSL smart mirror can be given some special functions through technology.

MSL can customize the functions of the Smart Mirror according to the needs of the purchaser or even some special advanced customization: for example

Adjustment of the brightness of the mirror light.

The color of the LED mirror light.

Setting up a solution for measuring the skin condition of the person using the smart mirror directly through the mirror and displaying the skin condition in the smart mirror.

The full-body smart mirror reflects some of the fitness exercises, during which the smart mirror detects whether the user’s movements are standard and what adjustments need to be made during the workout.

The smart mirror can be used for photo or video functions and much more.

MSL smart mirror with the development of the times in the pursuit of beauty and health for all mankind continues to progress, custom function of the technical level aspects of more professional and humane.

5. Design and prototype of the smart mirror


After the purchaser has confirmed a series of internal functional factors and external shape factors of the smart mirror, the designer of the MSL smart mirror will go through the customer’s needs to carry out a detailed design, after the completion of the design will be proofing, proofing is to check in the production process, the shape and function of the product settings, machine processing, and operation on the correct settings, so as to be able to provide customers with the final smart mirror It is not necessary that the product is visually and qualitatively identical to the final smart mirror product. Finally, after a number of adjustments have been made to confirm the prototype, the smart mirror will be manufactured for mass production.

The above is about MSL smart mirror customization steps, as the best brand of the LED smart mirror in China, its customization process, production links, production quality, and research and development are also today’s smart mirror industry has a greater representation and voice, buy LED smart mirror to https://mslmirror.com/. Can meet the different groups of people with high requirements for quality of life, for people in office buildings, clubs, hotels, beauty salons, and other business, leisure, and entertainment places, when these places have a sense of technology and convenience of MSL LED smart mirror, will have a more senior sense and sense of belonging.

MSL LED smart mirrors are a great way to brighten up your life.


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