Bathroom Mirrors and Bathroom Cabinets, Which is the Best Choice?

Choosing a bathroom mirror or a bathroom cabinet when renovating a house? That is a question. But no matter, the following article will solve this worry for you and help you to pick the right bathroom mirror for you.
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The bathroom in a home can often be quite small and to make the most of it, it is worth putting some thought into the mirror that we normally use to wash and dress up. There has been a lot of debate about this – is it better to have a bathroom cabinet or a bathroom mirror? So let’s take a look at how to choose.

1. Advantages

Bathroom cabinet: When we were considering this, we chose a bathroom cabinet because we have a large number of people and therefore need to store more things.
We chose a bathroom cabinet because we had a large number of people, so we needed to store more things. We were torn between choosing a bathroom cabinet and choosing one from MSL, which was surprisingly good in terms of quality and service. We asked a lot of questions to the customer service when we were choosing, and they answered every question very carefully and explained everything to us. We are now putting our things in this cabinet, which saves us a lot of space. So the advantage of the bathroom cabinet is that it will store all our toiletries, no more miscellaneous things in the sink, so visually it will also increase the space of the sink, and you don’t have to take all the things down and clean up again every time you clean, which will make it more convenient for the occupants. The overall appearance will also look much cleaner and tidier.

Bathroom mirrors: Bathroom mirrors are very convenient for grooming, and some of them can be freely expanded and rotated 360 degrees.
This allows the mirror to find our face rather than our face finding the mirror. This type of bathroom mirror will save us time and effort when putting on make-up and dressing up, and is more convenient. The bathroom mirror also has a high value and looks very atmospheric, so if you are looking for individual beauty when decorating, consider a bathroom mirror.

2. Disadvantages

Bathroom cabinets: bathroom cabinets are divided into ceramic, veneer, stainless steel, solid wood, advanced oak class. The characteristics of different materials of bathroom cabinets are also different. Ceramic bathroom cabinets are fragile, if there is a heavy impact will be easy to break. Veneer type bathroom cabinets paste process if bad or bad choice of materials, easy to crack, poor waterproof. Solid wood bathroom cabinets are easily affected by the surrounding environment and may become mouldy or deformed. High-grade oak bathroom cabinets are more expensive.

Bathroom mirrors: The lenses of bathroom mirrors are less scratch resistant than mirrors in general, but who would scratch a mirror for no reason?

Overall, bathroom mirrors and bathroom cabinets have their own merits, so choose according to your needs. If the bathroom space is small and the storage needs are large, you can install a mirror cabinet to maximize the storage function and save space in the bathroom. But if you’re not used to having so many cabinets inside the bathroom, and usually don’t have time to clean them, and have less need for storage to pursue individual beauty, you can choose a bathroom mirror. If you are torn between choosing a bathroom mirror or a bathroom cabinet, MSL is a brand that is worth looking at, as it is all about ‘doing the best’, whether it is a bathroom mirror or a bathroom cabinet, he can provide you with the most suitable product according to your requirements. The quality and service of the products I’ve bought from them has been exceptional, and their after-sales service is very good. If you would like to know more you can contact with MSL and get a quote.


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