Application of Smart Bathroom Mirrors in the Hospitality Industry

Mirrors can be seen everywhere in people's lives and are widely used, but the use of smart bathroom mirrors in the hotel industry is particularly bright.
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Mirrors can be seen everywhere in people’s lives and are widely used, but the use of smart bathroom mirrors in the hotel industry is particularly bright. This is because whenever you enter a hotel, mirrors can be seen everywhere, such as mirrors in the hotel elevator, mirrors in the hotel corridor, full body mirrors in the rooms, bathroom mirrors in the bathrooms and so on. Since mirrors are used everywhere in hotels, it can be seen that MSL smart mirrors are often used in the hotel industry.

Bathroom mirrors used in the hotel industry

MSL smart mirror is used in the hotel as the best-selling LED bathroom smart mirror. LED bathroom smart mirror, not only has the role of an ordinary mirror and followed by MSL smart bathroom mirror can also have the function of defogging, to avoid the user in the shower when the fog on the mirror, resulting in the user after the shower in skin care or through the mirror to complete other things when there are other inconvenient obstacles. Secondly, on cloudy days or other situations that lead to poor lighting in the bathroom, the sensing function of the LED smart bathroom mirror will automatically adjust to the most appropriate and suitable light for the bathroom environment at that time through automatic brightness sensing when the user turns on the LED light to avoid a poor experience for the user.

Elevator smart mirror used in the hotel industry

IoT technology has allowed the digitization of countless physical objects, and the same is true for the advertisements in elevators commonly found in hotels. The development of technology has led to the ads in elevators slowly transforming from the paper posters that used to be printed out to digital ads. In hotels, when people need to take the elevator up to the guest room, they often need to enter the hotel elevator, at this time the hotel guests will notice that MSL elevator intelligent mirror is in the normal state in addition to being able to provide users with the function of looking in the mirror, but also can display some commercial advertising, broadcast news or weather forecasts, etc., which can also bring users a certain amount of propaganda science, but also make the hotel elevator to achieve a certain amount of intelligence. MSL elevator intelligent mirror advertising is not only more environmentally friendly than our traditional advertising or publicity methods, but also more space-saving in the hotel elevator.

Led full body mirrors in hotels

MSL led full body mirrors not only has the function of LED light intelligent light adjustment, in addition but also through the mirror’s human body sensing function, to automatically light switch, such as when the user opens the sensor light function, MSL intelligent full-body mirror if the user within two meters sensed in the range will automatically turn on the light, sensing the user out of the sensing range will be off, write to a certain extent also help some often forget to Close the lights of the user to save a certain amount of electricity.

MSL smart mirror in China’s smart mirror field can be considered the leader and the best, MSL smart mirror through the magic of science and technology to more users through the smart mirror to bring more convenience. Over the years MSL focused on the field of smart mirrors, continuous research design, and then to production, in addition to mass production, MSL smart mirrors can also be customized through personal precision customization, customize the most suitable and only your unique smart mirror, not only numerous styles, durable but also space-saving.

Smart bathroom mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions. If you would like to learn more about customizing a smart mirror, please contact MSL customer service for information and quotes to customize your own smart


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