What Are the Manufacturing Processes of Smart Mirrors?

Smart mirror has become an integral part of the smart home, a smart mirror Production often also requires many complicated steps.
Smart mirrors

Technology changes life, thanks to the rapid development of science and technology in the new century, all kinds of technology products came into being. In addition to the improvement of basic performance makes the daily life of all walks of life become more convenient, in order to meet the higher level of market demand, the combination of emerging technology and traditional products continue to complete the user experience, and as an essential home smart mirror also combined with technology – smart mirror has become an integral part of the smart home, a smart mirror Production often also requires many complicated steps.


One of the most important technical barriers to the introduction of LED light mirrors is how to balance the role of the mirror glass in a smart mirror not only as a reflection, but also as a display, MSL was inspired by the principle of one-way glass in the room and one-way mirror (when one side of the light will block the weak side of the light) to make the glass in the smart mirror can be used as both a normal mirror and a display and help While using the mirror function, users can also browse the mirror for information of their interest and touch to adjust the relevant parts. 

To achieve better results MSL also cooperated with the first professional manufacturer of ultra-white glass in China and ordered ultra-white glass with less impurities and light transmission up to 91.5% produced by PPG’s ultra-white glass technology in the United States, adjusting the “Cr”, “Mn “Cr”, “Mn” and other trace elements to reduce the color difference caused by the greenish, bluish, violet and other colors of the glass itself. MSL also guarantees that all glass purchased by MSL is copper-free glass, eliminating the production of patina caused by copper elements in the glass. 43-inch display used by MSL is equipped with 9.28 million pixel dots, and the delicate picture display enhances the user experience.


MSL’s mirrors are equipped with high quality hardware, choosing titanium alloy hinges, slides and locks with good sealing performance, flexibility and convenience. MSL’s hardware is smooth and smooth in appearance without burrs and rust spots, which plays a fixed role and also has a decorative meaning, and comes with a variety of colors to choose from, making each mirror more personalized for the user.

Electrical components

MSL smart mirror with the overall version contains 298 soft light beads, using 1024 side light and 3528 front light SMD technology to achieve a full range of lighting, soft and non-blinding, easy for users to observe all the details of the daily collocation, to ensure that your beauty can be clearly seen. In addition, MSL uses lamp beads with three wavelengths, including color temperature of 2700-4000K warm, 5500-6000K positive white, 7000K or more cool white, and with PWM output for voltage division to achieve higher daylight color rendering, to meet the simulation of natural light conditions in a variety of weather, so it can also be used as a makeup mirror in one fell swoop, reducing the probability that makeup is not suitable for outdoor. MSL adopts a quartz oscillator timer with a frequency of 3278 oscillations per second, which is highly integrated and consumes little energy, and is capable of chiming accurately within 8s per year.

At the same time, MSL has opened its own factory, constantly updating the interactive program to meet the needs of users, with a professional production environment and strict production process, to ensure regular sampling, and support customization. If you want to custom smart led mirror for your business or projects, please contact us to get a quote.



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